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Radiant ceiling heating - AcerOscuro Spain

2022-02-27 18:35


Radiant Ceiling , Aerothermics , Modular Houses , AcerOscuro Spain , Radiant Floor , Energy Efficiency , Sustainability , Sustainable Houses , Modular Construction ,

Radiant ceiling heating - AcerOscuro Spain

Radiant ceiling heating and AEROTHERMIA in Casas AcerOscuro Spain



heating and AEROTHERMIA in Casas AcerOscuro Spain ña

Heating Ceiling / Radiant Ceiling FOR A HEALTHY INTERIOR CLIMATE- AcerOscuro Spain


radiant ceiling is a heating system, the most sustainable and efficient, applied since the 50s in thousands of installations in countries such as Holland or Germany, since it avoids the problem of stratification, saving up to 46% of energy compared to conventional systems.Radiant heating is an

even fanatic system. Little known in the Iberian Peninsula, but it is one of the most efficient heating transmission systems that exist, achieving high energy savings thanks to its use. This type of heating is based in the transmission of heat by radiation. RADIANT CEILING - still in all


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